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Old and New

Our history and past mean for us neverending source. The source of lessons and knowledge. With no evolution and also the past we wouldn’t be here. Knowledge of reasons and consequences is the basis of the present. We should pay attention to the study of history, but with no spoilt images and adjusting to our needs. View on the historical events with the eyes of a man nowadays is for sure utterly different than the view of the human of that time. Julius Caesar for the people nowadays (of course, Roman) was a great emperor, in the eyes of the human nowadays cruel emperor causing genocide. I do not state this as a judge; I would like to point out only to the different aspects of the view. Human beings are continually developing, by learning and also the change within the values.

Hot news now, probably old news tomorrow. It also becomes the part of the history. Sometimes we deal with specificissues to be out of date, with particulardifficulties. We do not want to give up on the known already. We have the feeling that we are losing something forever. Of course, it is not possible to get rid of everything that history taught us and pretend that only the new things are the right ones.Historical experience is those precious and merciless evaluators. It is also not possible to stick to certain things.

Do not realize the need forchange— forexample, the issue of today. Our colonial past and capitalism society clingingto the profit is immediately confrontedwith problemsthat only not far away, were mentioned by scientists only and visionaries. Yes, I mean the issueof climate and garbage. What do we choose?

Old or New?      

Each of us has to choose. But it is also supposed that the one knows which to choose from. And in the status nowadays I think many people haveno clue. How to call it a different name than non-knowledgeable the fact that somebody stands for racism, someone does not care, andsomeone is upon threats all the time. Or that our planet and life on it is in the state of danger. We are born with no hatred; societyis injecting the hatred into us. And we are one nation. For sure, with no change in the system,there is no change in the quality of life. Let’stry to learn how to look at the old and based on this knowledge to create something new


Old or New

Humans, also you and me, are again at the borders of a change as many times in our history. Maybe for the first time,we do have here great chance to create the society of being equal and justice. Do not let the representatives of the old abuse us. Let’s look for the new!

                                                  Think about it !!!!!!

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