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School the foundation of life

Always and I mean always, the time that I remember, I always respected teaching and teachers. Maybe now some of my teacherslaugh out loud, some of them turn in the grave, but it is a fact. Not only because my mom for whole life and my dad in the last period of his life were teachers. And I also have to say that I was not the best pupil and later studentwhen talking about marks. My head was full of friends, sport, girls, books, movies and only after homework. My childhoodand studenthood was the heaven on earth. A smalltown in the last century offered everythingone should need and do not need. At least I feel it so. To have great parents, grandma, wonderfulbrother, great sister, sea, plenty of great friends, forests, water, meadows around – can one wish for more? Library openedfrom the morning till the evening, cinema club in movies, football, tennis, volleyball, athletics behind the corner, what a dream. 

My child’s paradise

Ouch, you sighed. Another nostalgic. I do not hate myself, and in those memories I’m tearing my eyes. Actually, I’m going back to the topic. I liked school. Despite the things I see now, it’s my part. He was lucky with teachers, teachers. I laugh softly, when I think of buzz “Miro know how much is a breeding bull? What else could be a parent, if instead you had the bull.” He was right my answer lousy, actually The five, but we laughed. How would children react from their parents today? Could concerned teacher, professor actually learn next?

My school

Sure, the world around us moves forward, and that is great. When I see how children nowadays manage the IT technologies (what an oldexpression, right?), I am slightly jealous. It is in their genes. On the other hand,I also see (I live currently in a biggercity) how they are escorted to school by their parents, each one separately. They put on the engine and go. The reason is that the world nowadays is a dangerous place and they could meet with weird people. Then I listen to my friends and relatives that have decided onthe position of the teacher, about individualism, badbehavior,andambitious parents. For this – I am not jealous anymore. Isn’t it us who creates this period? 

What is happiness?

All of us are people, people of one breed. Every child from every corner on Earth is ours. Every, everyone should have its “school”.And does it have? Some parts of the world there is not even the water! 

A little different school, however!

As human beings, we develop, andthe school should also bedifferent as with my youth age. I understand it. But the basic value should be the same, andthat is “humanity”.Our children and by it I mean all the children all over the world have the right to their piece of paradise. To have friends.To go to school with other kids, to share the snacks, to check on the girls and vice versa, the boys. And they should have the right to live in the peace. 

Let’s give them the life we have!!!

The individualis weak, but we are society though. Why we let us be divided.We are not born different; the societydiffers us each. So again, us! Are we that weak to be the slaves of the old fashioned thinking?The thinking that brought us to our present. It is not enough anymore; weneed a new one! No money of the world, no benefit do not replace our children’sdreams. All of us when thinking a little but and revive our childhooddreams, create an action. And in the universe is a rule “action-reaction”.

    Mysli se nejvýš – a nad tebou
    hvězd jako vřesných zvonců -,
a kdybys byl jako Slunce stár,
    nedomyslíš se konců!
        Klečím a hledím v nebe líc,
        myšlénka letí světům vstříc –
        vysoko – převysoko –
            a slza vhrkla v oko.

Jan Neruda
Písně kosmické

.Recall our children’s paradise. Share it. Then we have also the power to think of the way how to teach our kids the best way

Think about it !!!!!!!!

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