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Steps and small steps – transportation

Roughly a month ago, media came with the news about the development of the train that competes with its speed also to the planes. Wonderful thing. Happening this in China is probably not surprising for anybody of us. There are many types of speed trains in Asia, whether it is Japan or China. They are forced to do so due to their demography and also location. 

Maglev – highspeed train running on „electromagnetic base“ is the conception well known for many years. In his own world of future, also Jacque Fresco mentions it as one of the primary means of transportation (for more information check


By its speed, comfort, energy saving function and also nowadays that discussed ecological friendliness railway transportation seems to be as the best solution within the continents. It does not matter whether it is the transportation of the people or the goods. 


Rail transportation can solve by its proper logistics issue with parking in the cities, the number of cars on the roads, etc. Not mentioning the safety and availability for a vast population. 


This means to ask the representatives, voted by us, for the solutions, and do not tolerate the interests of oligarchs. We can do it. 

Think about it !!!!!!!

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