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50 years ago already …..

In a few days, it is 50 years since humanity reached a “huge jump”. Through its ambassadors, it enters another place in the space. Although the entire mission, starting with the announcement of a one country’s president and ending with the flights beyond our Earth dimensions in order to reach the moon as final destination, was first thought of as an attempt to lead the imaginary and nonsensical race for leadership in the “space race”, it eventually became the victory of the smart brain and courage of all mankind .

zdroj The journey begins

A lot has been said and written about this mission. And today it is possible to find more information, e.g. at for details of this miraculous mission of humanity.

zdroj The eagle has landed

I was a little boy at that time, hunched together with my family in front of a black-and-white TV where it was barely to be seen what was happening. But mood and energy cannot be described. Time passed and the mission was over. It did not continue. The greedy view over the world has unfortunately won. Wars were prestige than hope than peace than science.

zdroj Science already out there

 Yes, the time for more amazing missions such as Shuttle flights, MIR station, and then ISS, Earth’s satellite and deep space has come. Probes on the planets of the solar system. But the weird feeling of not using the chance to continue is even more bizarre when considering the reason as stupid. The boundaries (which no astronaut can see from the universe), profit at all costs, government greediness, slavery, weapons are just small examples of those stupid causes.

zdroj Unreal that this has been really true

50 years have passed. I believe that this beautiful anniversary of this fantastic mission will help us to start dreaming again, to think about the state of society, to set a goal for all people on our planet without distinction. To cope with the threat of climate change in a way appropriate for cosmic age.

zdroj Landing

It is an opportunity to reboot, to restart, to condemn the current system that we have settled in stone. It is possible to think about one’s own position in society, to dream about Earth without money, borders, corporations, slaves, weapons. About Earth full of satisfied people, learning, doing what they enjoy, traveling around our universe today as we usually travel to other nearby cities. 

zdroj  Isn’t it beautiful?

Think about it !!!!!!!

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