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The others and us……..

21st century. In its beginning, it looked like human beings go straight forward. The development of technologies, new scientific knowledge almost in every field. The politics of connection was prioritized than division, fewer wars were taken place. Optimism in my soul was endless. I even thought that we start to be serious also about the results of “Roman club” and start to pay attention to the protection of our environment. In 2000, as it seemed for me, everything was linked well. The truth was and is somewhere else. At that time, I didn’t consider the system based on gaining profit at any cost. 

As an individual with the experience from the different political establishment. As an individual who criticized it, I welcomed the transformation into the opposite system. Without any knowledge of its essential feature “strong takes it all”. I do not want to even start to think about nostalgically or politically, which one was better to live in ….


Especially when the years passing by proved that there is no difference between those two. Both of them are based on the propriety of production tools and sources. The difference is only the management and how does it look. It is hidden in the expression of the leading line. But the fundamental unfairness, no equality is in both of them, one or the other. 

IIndividualism, as a basic postulate of the current stage of human society development, has contributed to the loss of many values. Expanding property and social inequalities. The development of selfish success as a cornerstone of society brings problems and changes not yet known. At the same time, it replies with the principles and solutions that I thought were just history.

Is this what we really want?

A view from space shows us a world without any borders. Instead of reflecting this knowledge, new boundaries arise, not only on maps but also in heads. Racism rises, promoting gender inequalities. The rights of other people are not respected, solely based on their sexual orientation. Religious associations call themselves “the only and so only proper interpreters of faith”, the second opinion, the latter view is harmful and it needs to be destroyed. That these are also people, nobody cares. 

Fear of existence itself. Survival. It fits the influential people when we look for solutions within the system. They like to offer it to us. From each side we hear hat only to the successful the world belongs. Stronger wins. What about the others, what about them? Where has come the chief’s obligation to provide food and shelter for the others? Isn’t it the opposite today? How much do you pay for housing? And what about you, responsible for this system actually grow up? Those thousands of nameless souls who slave day after day work for a reward that doesn’t even cover the value of their work and has no chance of getting out of it? And when they try to do so, they are labeled as anti-systemic, rebels, haters, dreamers, utopists.

What is it like better !!!!!!!!

Since the profit is above all, surplus-value is the foundation, we also cease to respect the possibilities of our homeland, our world, of our Earth. The globe is my natural world. When will we understand it? That there’s only one. Ours only because I think there are other worlds. But not for us yet, because we cannot get to them. Ha! Considering the above, well written, we would still “destroy” their world probably. Let’s stay here. Until we will be smarter and we solve it here on our mother earth. 

Fortunately, there is also the other side of the coin. When I see the little Greta, I feel hope. When I see my friend  Marek and of course hundreds, thousands of others like for example Greenpeace,  Limity sme my, TVP Česko-Slovensko Project Group, OSN, Project Venus,A2larm and others whose due to the lack of space and knowledge, I am not able to mention, trying to change our place to live for the better one, I feel hope. Hope in the world for all people. Hope in joy. Hope in happiness. Hope to find our place in the universe. And the “others” will not have to be worried of us !!!

And indeed for all 😀😀🌍🌏🌎

Think about it !!!!!!!

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